Tuesday, July 5, 2011

photos of myself

for the fourth of july alyssa, her mom and i went to webster's flea market and i got a lot of nifty things for cheap and we came home and i decided to take photos of myself being in the independence day spirit and all and this is what came out.
 i couldn't choose, color or...
 ...black and white. though it's out of focus, i still like it.
 straight forward photo
 my first pair of ray bans and they're vintage c:

 oh happy fourth of july, 2011 c:
 classic photo, perhaps?
 i'm an old soul, so this photo fits.

photoshoot with alyssa

here are a few of the photos. she was so much fun to shoot, i love her.

this is one of my dear bestfriends, simone

this is my dear simone. i love her to pieces, she's truly a bestfriend. i've known her for a few years now and i knew when i met her that she was loveable and that we'd be the greatest of friends but i wasn't aware of just how much i'd get along and understand her. she's very creative, she inspires me to keep doing what i love and to not be intimidated and ever give up my dreams in art. she's very silly, you know when you hear stories of bestfriends singing and dancing silly and all that other jazz? well that's simone and i and then some. she gets my humor and sometimes when she's not so sure of how to react, she does so, perfectly. she'll laugh and tell me exactly what she's thinking and i love that. she goes through some troubled times in her home and i feel for her because i've been in the same situation and you become hopeless with making it any better. i always wish to take her away and go off far and be merry, but i know she's happy with her family and that wouldn't be best for her. i don't know what else to say right now, but that's about it for now.

painting for alyssa

i painted this for alyssa, she was my inspiration one night. i showed up really late to her house but luckily she was wide awake because so was i. we ended up making art together and as she listened to me and i saw how much more open she is and how much she's grown since we met i thought to paint her as a shy girl that she is no longer. she use to whisper cute little comments like the one i painted and i just fell in love with her, she's so adorable.

olivia and i went for a walk

i felt really bad that she's so young and she was spending pretty much all her summer vacation inside, so i took her out and we went for a nice long walk into town. i took her to this mexican icecream shoppe and the icecream was really good. on the way there i took her to my old neighborhood that i moved to when i first moved to florida, it was so different. after our icecream we went to the park and sat on a dock by the lake and enjoyed the sunset and goodies we had. a friend took us home and it stormed that night, but it was a good day spending time with my little sister.

kiesha's babyshower

kiesha's cute, baby bump

simone's cute hat

 playing chubby bunny, first time playing it

lovely night with my bestfriends, one of the many great nights we share